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På hoppfältet har vi restaurang/cafeteria som erbjuder maträtter samt kalla och varma drycker.   

We accept Visa and MasterCard in the cafe as well as for tandem jumps.

Yes, you can pay for the tandem jump and for any photo/video options in person at the airfield.

Yes, you can bring a picnic basket (but no alcohol) and use any of the picnic tables we have on the grounds. There´s also a nice grassy area for spreading out a picnic blanket and watching all the jumpers land.

Everyone who makes a tandem jump here at Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb has insurance coverage through Svenska Fallskärmsförbundets insurance company (Säkra). See for more details.

Yes, it is possible to specify a different person as the contact for your reservation however, it´s very important that their contact details are correct so that they receive the text message (SMS) we send 2 hours beforehand with information about whether the jump will go on as planned or if it needs to be rescheduled. Also make sure that they fully understand our reservation procedures and how to travel to Gryttjom.

Unfortunately, we don't allow any type of personal camera or mobile phone on the jump. For everyone's safety, tandem passengers aren't allowed to bring anything with them in freefall. If you'd like to have photos/video of your jump then you are welcome to choose it as an option when reserving the day/time for your jump.

Säg till direkt när ni kommer fram att ni skulle vilja vara fler, om det finns lediga sloter kan det gå att lösa direkt. Är det fullbokat kan det ibland gå att lösa med ompusslande och lite extra väntetid. Det bästa är såklart att säga till din polare långt innan att det är inget att fundera över, så bokar ni in det redan vid första bokningstillfället! 🙂

We can't guarantee that any photographers are available but we'll try our best to accommodate your request. If you want to be absolutely sure to get photos/video of your jump then you need to choose that option when making your reservation. Payment can be made at the airfield.

Please contact our customer service by telephone or email to get information about group rates.

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