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Tandem jump in Stockholm

Through a tandem jump with an experienced instructor, you can experience what it’s like to free fall from 4000 meters without any previous experience!


Du selas ihop med en instruktör som guidar dig igenom din frifallsupplevelse. Du får låna gogglar, overall, huvudbonad, och handskar vid behov. Hela äventyret tar runt 2 timmar med förberedelser.
2 795 kr

Tandemhopp & handkamera

Paket med tandemhopphandkamera.


Under hela hoppet har instruktören med sig en kamera monterad på handleden, du får sköna bilder från hela hoppet och skärmflygningen.

3 595 kr

Tandemhopp & fotograf

Paket med tandemhoppfotograf Fotograf En fotograf följer med under hela äventyret och förevigar förberedelser, flygtur, uthopp och frifall. När du landar står fotografen och filmar landningen.
3 995 kr

Who can jump?

  • Weight: Max 100 kg.
  • Height: 140-200 cm.
  • Age: 12 years, guardian must be present if the jumper is under 18 years of age.
  • Health: Completely healthy and sober.
  • Disabilities: Is usually not a problem. Contact us for details.

Gift card

We offer gift cards with validity of 1 year Read more »

Quick info

  • We jump at Gryttjom, 12 swedish miles north of Stockholm.
  • The price list for jumps with or without a photographer can be found in the Skydiving Shop.
  • Wear comfortable clothes appropriate for the current weather forecast and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Your reservation time is the time you should arrive at the airfield, not your flight time, so there’s no need to arrive earlier.
  • Private cameras are not allowed on the jump.
  • Larger group? Contact us for information about special group rates.
  • And don’t forget, it’s incredibly fun to skydive!

Making reservations

We recommend making your reservations 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Your reservation time is when you should arrive at check-in, so there’s no need to arrive earlier. Thereafter, it will take approximately 2 hours until you are completely finished with your skydive.

Once you have reserved a day/time for your jump then you’ll receive an email confirmation that includes everything you need to know so don’t worry about forgetting anything.

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Weather on the day of jumping

Skydiving is dependent on the weather and, unfortunately, there is no forcast that can predict with 100% accuracy whether we can jump tomorrow, the day after or even next week.

Every morning, our jump leader and pilot meet to determine whether we can jump that day. We then send an SMS to the person who made the reservations at least 2 hours before your check-in time. If you need to leave home earlier, just call our Customer Service at 08-410 458 67 and check the status yourself.


At the club house, we have a café/restaurang that offers food and beverages.

Worlds safest skydiving aircraft

"Twin Otter"

Because two engines are better than one

More about the jump

You’re sitting in the airplane, enjoying the view of the sky and maybe even the butterflies in your stomach. Suddenly, you find yourself in front of the airplane’s open door, looking out 4000 meters above the ground. At this very moment, it’s hard to really understand what is about to happen.

After the free fall when you are hanging under the parachute, it is not really possible to describe how it feels, it’s different for most people, but prepare yourself for one of the most awesome things you have ever experienced. When you land – take a few deep breaths. You just made you first skydive!

If you booked photography, you will receive a link with all the memories sent to your email address, it usually takes about 4-6 hours to receive the link.