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Gryttjom Freefly

We are very excited to invite you to Gryttjom Freefly at Skydive Stockholm. During the event we will focus on foundation building safe and fun jumps, working on each flyer to help them improve but also look into flying as a group. 

During this skills camp we will be working on improving our freefly skills. But not only that, we will also focus on the foundation of movement jumps, and how we best construct the jumps.  We will look into how to progress towards more complex jumps. The goal is to fly and progress together as a group aswell as individual flyers.

Skydiving is not only about jumping but also about community and having great time together, we will organize campfires with music, BBQs, and dinners together for us this is extremely important that you have a great time!

These amazing humans will fly with you all week

  • Carlos Aviles
  • Adrian Daszkowski
  • Piotr Noworol
  • David Mochales

Camp format

  • During the Five camp days we aim to do 30 jumps (weather permitted)
  • Groups of six participants, plus coach/ Groups of three participants, plus coach .
  • We aim to keep the groups the same through the week, rotating coaches every day.
  • Six jumps per day (if possible to do more we go for it)


Minimum requirements

– Min 200 jumps
– Able to belly and back track safely with a group of six including break off at all angles
– Safely fly head up with a group of six
– If you unsure of your abilities in any of the mentioned criteria, please provide a reference or more general information and we will do our best to find you the right group to have a great week


If you need accommodation, we can offer free of charge bunk house for participants!

  • Organizer
    Skydive Stockholm x Adrian Daszkowski
  • Coach
    • Adrian Daszkowski
    • Carlos Aviles
    • David Mochales
    • Piotr Noworol
  • Slots
    12 available of 20 total
  • Datum
    15 jul – 19 jul
  • Kostnad
    4300 SEK


Gryttjom Freefly 2024
4.300 kr