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On the day of your skydive

What to bring

The time for your skydive is drawing near and the nervousness in your stomach is increasing. There’s only a few things to remember before you come to the airfield. If you have a gift certificate then bring it with you, along with your identification. Dogs are welcome but remember that it’s a stressfull environment with a lot of people who are nervous, so please keep all dogs on a leash. If you’re in doubt, then leave your dog at home. We have bathrooms, a cafe, wifi, a play area for children, and a basketball court on the grounds so we’ve got you covered if you forget anything. Also, alcohol consumption is not allowed.

About the jump

Everything you need to know can be found in the confirmation email that you received after making your reservation. The time you have booked is when you should arrive at the tandem reception, so there’s no need to come earlier. Expect it to take approximately 2 hours before you’re finished.

The weather forecast the day before

There’s no point in calling us the day before your jump since we won’t know anything more about the weather other than the forecast on the internet. A decision about jumping can only be made on each actual jump day, when we can see exactly how the weather has developed. We don’t jump if it’s completely overcast, raining or if the winds are stronger than 11 m/s. We ask for your understanding if your jump has to be cancelled or postponed. Of course we’ll do everything we can to prevent you from traveling here unnecessairly.

Good weather = Confirmation – Get ready!

A text message (SMS) with the status of your booking will be sent to the person who made the reservations at least 2 hours before your planned arrival time. If you haven’t received the message or if you need to leave home earlier than 2 hours before your arrival time then please call our customer service at 08-410 458 67 to check the status of your jump. Please make sure you have confirmed your booking before you travel to Gryttjom so that you don’t come here unnecessarily.

Directions to the dropzone

By Car From The South:
Drive north on E4 and pass Uppsala. Take the exit towards Månkarbo (exit 192). Turn left after exiting the interstate. When this road ends then turn right and drive several kilometers north going through Månkarbo and past “Strutsfarmen” (an ostrich farm). You’ll see a sign at the Gryttjom crossing that says “Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb”. Turn left. From here just follow all the signs for “Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb).It takes approximately 1,5 hours to drive from Stockholm (Norrtull) or 40 minutes from Uppsala.

By Car From The North:
Drive south on E4 and take the exit towards Tierp (exit 193). turn right on highway 292 towards Söderfors. After a few kilometers turn left on the “old E4” towards Uppsala. After several kilometers you’ll pass Tierps Kyrkby and come to the Gryttjom crossing where you’ll see a “Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb” sign indicating to turn right. Turn right and follow all the remaining signs for “Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb”.

By airplane
See the page Gryttjom Airport for more information.

By Bus:
Bus 821 runs between Uppsala-Tierp as well as Tierp-Uppsala. Ask the bus driver to drop you off at the exit towards Skogbo in Gryttjom, the busstop is called Gryttjom södra. From Gryttjom södra, it’s a 25 minute walk to the airfield. Make sure you have plenty of time in order to avoid unnecessary stress.

You can plan your trip with public transportation with or with and