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Europes biggest skydiving club

In Gryttjom the joy of jumping and skills grow in a great community. Learn from the best coaches and get new friends both in the sky as well as around the bonfire.

We are a great and resourceful team running the largest skydiving club in Sweden. Between May and October every year, we do more than 25,000 jumps (of which 2,000 are tandem jumps) and about 60 new students are trained.

Non-profit work goes hand in hand with professionally planned and managed activities. We host the world’s best jumpers to share their knowledge which enables you to develop your skills to the maximum in an awesome community.

Throughout the season, we arrange camps for all levels, where rookies can become experienced and the already experienced can aim for the stars. Regardless which club or country you come from, you are welcome to join. We offer canopy piloting, free flying, FS, rookie camps and friendly talks around the bonfire.

Blue skies & twin turbines 💙

Check in

Visit the manifest with your license and gear, give us your contact details, stand on the scale with your gear, make sure to have money on your jump account and BAM – you are all set to skydive in Gryttjom. It is very simple, but a tip is to check in in the morning or evening; in the middle of the day, the manifest may be busy with the daily routines and it can take a while to be able to help you.

We weigh all jumpers every season with the entire gear, so bring your rig and all equipment you use skydiving when checking in. Also, make sure to get properly briefed of the local routines in Gryttjom, either by the jump leader or an instructor.


In Sweden, we use Facebook groups as our primary communication channel. Skydive Stockholm has its own group. You can ask about ride shares, the DZ, find jump buddies, coaching, accommodation etc.

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In Gryttjom there are lots of different places to stay. Members usually have their own caravans, private rooms in “Övre”, privately owned cabins and some stay in the free first come first served bunk house.

There are also other options such as hotel and camping.

Read more about accommodation in Gryttjom here »

The Gryttjom map

Frequently asked questions

What kind of aircraft do you operate?
Skydive Stockholm owns a DHC-6-300 Twin Otter, named Erik-Erik. She has the capacity to bring 22 jumpers to 4000 meters in about 13 minutes.
Renting gear
Forgot your rig at home? Or didn't have time to get your own yet? Whatever the case, you can rent a rig from us. We have six rigs with canopy sizes 168 sq ft. to 230 sq ft. that you can rent from the manifest. It is first come, first served but sharing is possible if you find someone willing to do so. You can also rent student gear but any students on the DZ have priority when it comes to these. In case of a cutaway you will be charged for the repack and any parts missing from the equipment.
Can I come and do AFF or other jumps with instructors?
Talk to a jump leader or manifest in the morning to find out which instructors are on site. Of course, you need to show your logbook in order for the instructors to see how far you have come. You pay for the jumps according to the club's price list for AFF or jump master jumps. If you come in a group from another club with your own instructors, that is also fine. However, then the set-up looks a little different and in these cases your instructors should already have arranged this with SF.
Can I train with my team?
We encourage all our members to compete and train. With a large aircraft and jumping every day during the high season, there are good opportunities for those that want to train. We offer hop n pops for swoopers and accuracy jumpers.  During some weekdays we can offer back-to-backs for teams that want to jump a lot. Gryttjom is available for FS-teams, freeflyers, CF-teams, swoopers and everything in between. There is a mock-up, rolling boards, rolling surfaces inside and outdoors and a briefing station. In addition to our own teams/competing jumpers, we continuously host teams/jumpers from other Swedish clubs and other countries who wish to train in Gryttjom. As a guest from another club/country, you can apply for a special team deal that gives a discount if you want to jump a lot. Contact if you want to know more or are ready to plan your training in Gryttjom. The earlier you decide, the more likely it is that we can offer the specific training week of your choice.
Is there a Swoop-pond?
Since 2013, there has been a Swoop pond in Gryttjom. It is of approved competition size and several competitions have already taken place, including the Nordic Championships and several open Swedish championships.  The pond is 80 m long, 25 m wide and 1 m deep. It also has soft padded edges as protection. The pond is set for accuracy, distance and speed. Apart from the accuracy gravel at one end, the pond is surrounded by a grass area. There are no obstacles if there is a need of cancelling the swoop. The pond may only be swooped from hop ‘n pops.
Do you have a rigger on site?
Gryttjom has a well-equipped rig loft and usually several riggers on site. However, there is no rigger "on duty" so you need to ask around among those who are on site if you need help with something. If you are a visiting rigger and need to use the premises, contact a local rigger about the routines.
Where can I pack?
You can either pack your canopy in the packing room indoors, or pull out a tarpaulin on one of the lawns in front of the club house. The main focus of the club’s packers are to assist tandem but sometimes they have spare time to also include other jumpers. There are usually more packers on site, so check in the tandem tent who they are, and tell them well in advance if you want help.
DZ routines
It is not always easy to arrive to a new dropzone with its new routines and rules, especially not if you are new to the sport. Most routines are quite straightforward and if you give yourself some time to catch on how it works in Gryttjom, you will be fine. We have maps where you can get a good picture of where you will jump, are under canopy and how to land. Erik-Erik takes up to 24 jumpers and it can be experienced as quite crowded in the air space when you fly your canopy. Make sure to get a proper overview of the landing area and have a good plan for your free fall and canopy flight. The swoop pond may only be used if you do a hop ’n pop.
The jump account
To manifest you need enough money in your jump account to cover your slot. You can make a deposit using swish or card through Insidan, your balance will be updated within a few minutes.
If you are looking to level up your skills a great way is to participate in one of the multiple skills camps organised at the club each season. Read more about upcoming camps and events. The club is also home to a lot of members, experienced in multiple disciplines, willing to share their knowledge! Feel free to ask around and see if anyone is available for some 1 on 1 coaching.