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An overview of our facilities in Gryttjom


In Gryttjom we have a kitchen equipped with everything you need. It’s open and available for you 24/7.

We have four full sized stoves including ovens, and five fridges and one freezer. There’s also various coffee machines, blenders and other kitchen appliances.

The veranda

At the veranda you can chill out between jumps. Enjoy the sun or take cover under the roofs. We have rows of picnic tables as well as lounge areas, bean bags, sun beds, speakers and monitors to see up coming loads.


Unwind after a day of jumping in our cozy sauna. Enjoy the heat, ease muscle tension, and bond with fellow skydivers in a perfect post-jump relaxation spot. This is our favorite place ❤️

Cozy room

Reliving your skydives has never been easier. We have two 32″ video stations and one 70″ monitor with various HDMI cables for larger groups. Just insert your SD card and play the video. Easy as 1, 2, 3.


Enjoy lightning-fast fiber optic internet and enterprise WiFi at Skydive Stockholm. Perfect for uploading your epic jumps and staying connected.