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Skydive in Stockholm

Jump with our experienced instructors at Swedens largest skydiving club
~25.000 jumps are performed each season!

Worlds safest skydive aircraft

"Twin Otter"

Because two engines are better than one

”Superb experience. I am out of words to describe the experience. Experienced instructor 😄. Very satisfied 😊 …”

Abhi Patel – Google Reviews

”Excellent experience and totally worth it, the instructors are professionals and make you comfortable, …it’s magic from up there …”

Pavan Rao – Google Reviews

Questions & Answers

Can my friend who's accompanying me buy a drop-in jump on site?
Let us know immediately upon arrival that you have more people that want to jump. If there are available slots, it might be possible to arrange it on the spot. If it's fully booked, sometimes it can be worked out with some reshuffling and a little extra waiting time, but this is not a guarantee.
Can I add the photo/video option when I arrive?
It is possible and can usually be arranged but we cannot guarantee that there are photographers available if you don't book this in advance. If you want to be certain that your experience is caught on camera make sure to book this beforehand.
Can I bring my own Gopro or camera during the skydive?
Unfortunately, we don't allow any type of personal camera or mobile phone on the jump. For everyone's safety, tandem passengers aren't allowed to bring anything with them in freefall. If you'd like to have photos/video of your jump then you are welcome to choose it as an option when reserving the day/time for your jump.
Can we bring our own picnic?
Yes, you can bring a picnic basket (but no alcohol) and use any of the picnic tables we have on the grounds. There´s also a nice grassy area where you can spread out a picnic blanket and watching all the jumpers land.
What does it cost to rent a rig after the course?
There are rigs that can be rented for a price of 100SEK/jump. The fee includes an altimeter. Student rigs can also be rented given that no student is in need of one. When renting a student rig you will receive a packed rig, and you are required to repack the rig before returning it. Since there is a limited number of rental equipment it is a good idea to start looking for your own gear as soon as you approach the end of you course. Your instructors can help you with tips on what is suitable for you and which rules apply.  
Can I specify a different contact person when booking the tandem jump?
Yes, it is possible to specify a different person as the contact for your reservation however, it's very important that their contact details are correct so that they receive the text message (SMS) that is sent out two hours beforehand with information about whether the jump will go on as planned or if it needs to be rescheduled. Also make sure that they fully understand our reservation procedures and how to travel to Gryttjom.
I want to prepare for the course, where can I find information?
The book "Hoppa fallskärm" is included in the price of the course and you are expected to have read the book and answered the questions sent to you before the course starts. The book will be sent to the address you provided when you signed up for the course. As soon as the payment is confirmed the book will be on it's way to you!
What kind of aircraft do you operate?
Skydive Stockholm owns a DHC-6-300 Twin Otter, named Erik-Erik. She has the capacity to bring 22 jumpers to 4000 meters in about 13 minutes.
Renting gear
Forgot your rig at home? Or didn't have time to get your own yet? Whatever the case, you can rent a rig from us. We have six rigs with canopy sizes 168 sq ft. to 230 sq ft. that you can rent from the manifest. It is first come, first served but sharing is possible if you find someone willing to do so. You can also rent student gear but any students on the DZ have priority when it comes to these. In case of a cutaway you will be charged for the repack and any parts missing from the equipment.
How much does it cost to jump after I complete the course?
After the course, you pay the same price per jump as other skydivers. See the page "Pricing" for current jump fees.