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Course registration is open for season 2024

Kursanmälan 2024
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Allmänna Villkor Fallskärmskurs - Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb

Kursdeltagare under 18 år

  • Om den som ska gå en kurs är under 18 år måste en förälder eller förmyndare anmäla den minderårige. Ladda ner medgivande från vårdnadshavare via denna länk. Viktigt att medgivandet tas med till första kurstillfället i originaldokument.
  • Du måste vara minst 15 år för att få gå fallskärmskurs.

Av säkerhetsskäl får man inte väga mer än 100 kg för att få gå fallskärmskurs.

För att hoppa fallskärm måste du kunna simma i minst 200 meter obehindrat.

För att få gå fallskärmskurs får man inte ha diagnosen ADHD eller Aspergers syndrom. För mer information är du välkommen att kontakta elevgruppen på

Luxation, ”axel ur led”. Har du haft axeln ur led (som inte är opererad för detta) kan du tyvärr inte gå kursen då det är viktigt att axlarna fungerar felfritt vid fallskärmshoppning för att kunna utlösa och styra fallskärmen.




Ingen betalningsmetod är vald.

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Important information about the course

Documents to download and print:

The medical certificate is crucial for being allowed to jump. The certificate should be sent to us at latest 30 days before the start of the course. If the certificate has not been approved or if you have not sent it to us within the 30 days, your slot in the course will be lost.

If you are between 15 and 18 years old, you also need a guardian certificate to take the course. The form can be printed out in the course information and then brought to the first course session.

For safety reasons, there is an upper weight limit (max 100 kg). This information is needed to plan for the gear you will use and to calculate the weight inside the aircraft, so be honest!

Important information about registration & payment

Payment is made via a link that is sent to your email as soon as we have received an approved medical certificate. The payment must be received by us no later than 3 days after receiving the payment link.

The registration is binding, but if you choose to cancel within 21 days after we receive your registration, the entire fee will be refunded (less SEK 1,500 for administrative fees).
Cancellations after 21 days do not entitle you to a refund. During terms for skydiving course you can read more about canceling a course place.

The course book, which is included in the fee, will be sent out in a welcome pack to the address you enter in the registration form, no later than 14 days after registration.

You have one year to complete the course, but at the turn of the year the membership (including insurance) needs to be renewed in the same way as for certified skydivers, as this runs per calendar year.

Questions & answers

What does it cost to rent a rig after the course?
There are rigs that can be rented for a price of 100SEK/jump. The fee includes an altimeter. Student rigs can also be rented given that no student is in need of one. When renting a student rig you will receive a packed rig, and you are required to repack the rig before returning it. Since there is a limited number of rental equipment it is a good idea to start looking for your own gear as soon as you approach the end of you course. Your instructors can help you with tips on what is suitable for you and which rules apply.  
I want to prepare for the course, where can I find information?
The book "Hoppa fallskärm" is included in the price of the course and you are expected to have read the book and answered the questions sent to you before the course starts. The book will be sent to the address you provided when you signed up for the course. As soon as the payment is confirmed the book will be on it's way to you!
How much does it cost to jump after I complete the course?
After the course, you pay the same price per jump as other skydivers. See the page "Pricing" for current jump fees.  
What do I need to bring for the course in Gryttjom?
Accommodation is included in the course price, so plan for a 24-hour stay. Detailed information will be sent out to the delegates about 10 days before the start of the course. It will state what’s good to bring with you: Change of clothes, bedding etc.
How long is the license valid?
The license is renewed each calendar year, this also applies to students. Renewal has to be made through a skydiving club and includes a Svenska Fallskärmsförbundet membership and insurance. The price for renewing your Skydive Stockholm membership and Svenska Fallskärmsförbundet membership (including insurance) is currently 3500kr.
How long does it take to complete the course?
The time it takes to complete the course is dependant on many different factors such as:
  • The amount of jumps a student needs to make to complete each level
  • The amount of time the student is able to spend at the drop zone.
  • The weather
This means the time it takes to complete the course may vary from person to person. If the weather allows you might be able to complete all your levels in the days following the theory part of the course. If you have to make several attempts at a certain level it might take longer. Generally under normal conditions a student will make 1-3 jumps per day. If you take a course earlier in the season you will have more time to complete it in the same calendar year.
When can I start jumping with others?
Before you can start jumping with other jumpers, such as your friends from the course, you must perform four “hoppmästarhopp” (Jump Master jumps). These jumps are performed together with a “Hoppmästare” (Jump Master) and are for teaching and checking skills that are important when skydiving in groups.
How do I get to Gryttjom?
Directions can be found here. Closer to the course start date you will be invited to a Facebook group where you can coordinate ride sharing or pick-up with other students and your instructors.
What is the course plan?
At Skydive Stockholm, we use a course format that consists of 10 jumps in different levels with increased difficulty, where certain steps in each jump must be completed before you go on to the next level. This is a training method where you jump from 4,000 meters and get about 1-minute free fall before it is time to deploy the canopy. In the free fall, you will be assisted by one or two instructors (depending on level). Theory: Your course coordinators will teach you all the theoretical knowledge needed for your training jumps. This is done both through theory sessions in class and practical exercises on the ground. The theory part ends with both a written and practical examination. Expect the theory to run from morning to late evening. Jumps: The jumping part consists of 10 training jumps that are performed with one, two or no instructor (depending on level). After 10 approved jumps you get an A-license that allows you to skydive around the world!
Are there any medical requirements for the skydiving course?
Before taking the course you need to complete a physical assessment that confirms you meet the physical and health requirements. More information as well as the assessment form can be found at the SFF webpage (the page is in Swedish). For safety reasons there is a maximum weight limit of 100kg.
What is the minimum age limit for the skydiving course.
You have to be at least 15 years old, if you are below 18 years old you need parental consent to take the course. Parents or legal guardians must sign this form, the form is then given to your instructors at the start of the course.
Is the license I receive after completing the course valid outside of Skydive Stockholm?
Upon completing the course you will receive your A-license which is valid at all Swedish clubs and in all countries connected to the organisation FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale)This includes most countries where skydiving is practiced.
How much does it cost to buy your own skydiving gear?
If you buy new equipment from the USA where most manufacturers are located (there are also manufacturers in e.g. France, South Africa, Russia and New Zealand) it costs about SEK 80,000-90,000 depending on what you choose and what the current USD currency rate is. However, it is most common that you, as your first own equipment, buy a used one from another jumper. Then you usually end up with about SEK 20,000 - 40,000 depending on age, wear and number of jumps made with it. All equipment, new and old, is inspected at least once a year by special inspectors to make sure it is safe to jump with. Uffes Hopp Shop sells everything a skydiver needs and also has ads on used equipment.