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Gå fallskärmskurS

Signing up for a skydiving course is like taking a step into a fantastic new world where you will be carried away as far as your dreams will let you go. Some jumpers make 20-30 jumps per year and are compeletly satisified while others make a career out of skydiving, like instructors and adventurers who reach tens of thousands of jumps and make a living by skydiving year round across the whole world.

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Questions about the skydiving course

When, Where and How

All of our courses begin on friday evenings at the Gryttjom airfield. The weekend is spent learning about skydiving theory and doing practical exercises. Students are tested on Monday and jumping begins on Tuesday for everyone who passes the course. Then we jump as much as we can up until Friday, weather permitting. Go to "Course Registration" to see when the next course is held.

What's next after the course?

That's when all the fun begins! We have rental rigs available for you while you're searching for your own first set of equipment. Now you can make solo jumps or even jump with your friends. The opportunities that a skydiving license gives you are endless - make a carrier out of skydiving or travel around the world jumping in different countries just for fun - your fantasy is the only limit!

How long does the course take?

There are 10 student jumps included in the course and the amount of time it takes to complete these jumps depends on the weather and how many jumps you can make each day. Most students make 1-2 jumps per day in the beginning and later up to 3-4 jumps per day. If the weather is good then it's possible to do all 10 student jumps in one week however it's more common to need to come back to the airfield a few more times before all of the student jumps are completed.

Course Requirements
  • You must be at least 15 years old and have parental concent if you're under the age of 18.
  • You should be completely healthy and certify this with a doctor's certificate.
  • Av säkerhetsmässiga skäl har vi en viktbegränsning på 100 kg.
What happens during the course?

You'll learn everything you need to know before making your student jumps - from the construction of a parachute, to the foundations of freefall and how to land safely. You'll practice emergency procedures, reserve parachute deployment and learn how to pack the parachute. When you start jumping, you'll be completely familiarized with the airplane and the landing area.

What's included in the course?
  • Memembership in Stockholms Skydiving Club
  • Membership in the Swedish Parachute Association (SFF)
  • Insurance through SFF for the current year
  • Course theory and the book "Hoppa fallskärm"
  • 10 student jumps
  • Swedish Parachuting Magazine
  • All equipment needed for student jumps
  • Övernattning.

Information for Students


You need to be at least 15 years old. If you're under the age of 18 then you also need parental consent. The form for parental consent can be downloaded here. Complete this form and bring it with you to the course.

You need to be completely healthy and have normal physical strength in order to skydive. You'll also need an approved medical certificate from your doctor. 

För att vi ska veta att inga fysiska hinder föreligger måste du genomgå en läkarundersökning (senast 30 innan kursstart) som bekräftar att du är frisk. Detta kan du vanligtvis göra på vårdcentralen hos din husläkare.  Vilka hälsokrav som ställs kan du läsa om på Svenska Fallskärmsförbundets hemsida There you will find the form for Medical Certificate.

Av säkerhetsmässiga skäl har vi en viktbegränsning på 100 kg.

Yes, but be aware that the course is only held in swedish (unless otherwise stated). Also, the insurance that is provided through the course fee is only valid if you make jumps that are in accordance with the swedish regulations and in line with the particular license that you have.

  • Medlemskap på Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb. 
  • Medlemskap hos SFF, Svenska Fallskärmsförbundet. 
  • SFF:s hoppförsäkring för innevarande år. För mer info, läs här.
  • 10 AFF-utbildnings hopp.
  • Kurslitteratur: boken Hoppa Fallskärm.
  • Förbundstidningen Svensk Fallskärmssport.
  • Boende på klubben och nyttjande av klubbens faciliteter.
  • Kursutbildning 30 timmars utbildning teori samt praktiska moment.
  • Utrustning: Rigg, hjälm, höjdmätare, fotledsskydd, overall, gogglar och loggbok.
  • Övrig utrustning som fallskärmshandskar ingår inte i kurspaket detta kan köpas på klubben vid kurstillfället.
  • Övernattning i bunkhouse.

The cost of a medical examination is paid separately by the student prior to the course.

Students also need to buy the following:
Handskar, tight, smidig modell med bra grepp, pris ca 300 kr.

Also remember to wear comfortable clothes since we will be doing a lot of practical exercises during the course.

How do I register for the course?
Register for the course by filling in the form here.

Is registration binding?
Ja, anmälan är bindande, men om du väljer att avboka inom 21 dagar efter anmälan så återbetalas hela avgiften (minus anmälningsavgiften på 1 500 kr ).
Cancellations after 21 days do not give the right to a refund.
Avbokning görs till eller till kundservice på 08-410 458 67.

Hur betalar jag min kurs?
Anmälningsavgiften på 1 500 kr betalas direkt vid anmälan. Resterande 12 995 kr betalas via en länk som skickas till din email efter vi mottagit ett godkänt läkarintyg. 

Ett paket innehållande ett välkomstbrev samt kurslitteratur kommer att postas ut till den adress som du anger i formuläret, senast 14 dagar efter att vi mottagit din betalning.

Finns det grupprabatt?
Nej, vi erbjuder inga grupp- eller studentrabatter.

Kan jag delbetala kurspriset?
Nej, vi har ingen delbetalning i dagsläget. Hela summan betalas vid anmälan.

Vart kan jag vända mig om jag vill veta om det finns plats kvar på den kurs jag vill gå?
För att få svar på frågor rörande platstillgång på våra kurser kan du kontakta oss på

The course book "Hoppa fallskärm" is included in the course fee and you must have read the book and answered the study questions as a preparation before the first theory session. The book will be sent to the address you enter when registering for the course. As soon as we can confirm that the payment has been made, the book will be on its way!


All our entire courses are held at our drop zone in Gryttjom. Accommodation is included in the course price, so plan for a 24-hour stay. Detailed information will be sent out to the delegates about 10 days before the start of the course. It will state what’s good to bring with you: Change of clothes, bedding etc.

Directions to Gryttjom can be found here.
Closer to the course start, you will be able to communicate about rides etc. with other delegates and your course coordinator.

In Stockholm Skydive Club, we use a course form that consists of 10 jumps in different levels with increased difficulty, where certain steps in each jump must be completed before you go on to the next level. This is a training method where you jump from 4,000 meters and get about 1-minute free fall before it is time to deploy the canopy. In the free fall, you will be assisted by one or two instructors (depending on level).

Your course coordinators will teach you all the theoretical knowledge needed for your training jumps. This is done both through theory sessions in class and practical exercises on the ground. The theory part ends with both a written and practical examination. Expect the theory to run from morning to late evening.

The jumping part consists of 10 training jumps that are performed with one, two or no instructor (depending on level).
After 10 approved jumps you get an A-license that allows you to skydive around the world!

1.Your first skydive is performed from 4,000 meters with two instructors who hold on to you throughout the free fall.
2.Now it is time to start turning in freefall, 90° to the right and 90° to the left. After that, move forward in the air. Also, during this jump, two instructors will hold on to you.
3.During this jump you will get to try flying on your own. This means that the instructors let go and fly next to you.
4.You will continue practicing turns, three times 90°. After that you should fly forward and reach your instructor.
5.After jumping out, make a 90° turn towards the instructor. Then make a 360° turn in each direction and fly together with the instructor.
6.For the first time, you will jump out without anyone holding on to you. You will then do backflips in order to train to get back stable on belly again.
7.During this jump you should show what you have learned, backflips, turns, 360 °, going forward and safety.
8-10.Solo jumps, two from 4,000 meters and one from 1,000 meters.

It is not possible to say exactly as there are many affecting factors. Everyone has different conditions and sometimes you have to make several attempts to pass a jump, just as you have to take different number of driving lessons in order to succeed in getting a driver's license.

How often you have time to be at the drop zone to make your jumps also affects, and the weather which makes it not always possible to jump. The earlier in the season you start jumping, the more time you have to finish the course during the same calendar year you started. Under normal conditions, a student can make 1-3 jumps per day.

Before you can start jumping with other jumpers, such as your friends from the course, you must perform four “hoppmästarhopp” (Jump Master jumps) /HM jumps. These jumps are performed together with a “Hoppmästare” (Jump Master) and are for teaching and checking skills that are important when skydiving in groups.

Kostnaden för HM-hopp: 500 kr/hopp (Dessa hopp ligger utanför kurspaketet )

Fee for re-jumps

Level 1-3: SEK 1,725/jump

Level 4-7: SEK 1,000/jump

Level 8-10: SEK 275/jump


After the training, you pay the same price per jump as other members. See Priser och info for current jump fees.

There are rental rigs to rent for SEK 90 per jump, the fee includes rental of a helmet and altimeter too. The rig must be packed before jumping by the person who rents the rig and returned unpacked.


Student rigs can only be rented if no student needs these. The same applies as for rental rigs, except that student rigs already are packed and needs to be returned packed too. However, we have a limited number of equipment, so it is a good idea to start looking for your own equipment as you approach the end of your training. Your instructors can help you with tips on what is suitable for you and which rules apply.

After the course you get your A-license which is valid all over the world. The license is valid in all clubs in Sweden and in all countries that are affiliated with the international organization FAI ("Federation Aeronatique International"), which is the case in most countries where skydiving is practiced.


In Stockholm Skydive Club, there are many opportunities to further educate yourself in jumping with others, such as formation skydiving, free flying, canopy piloting and pack training.

When a new calendar year starts, the license must be renewed. This applies even if you are still a student due to paying membership and insurance on a calendar year basis. Renewal must be carried out through a skydive club, but includes membership in the Swedish Parachute Association (Svenska Fallskärmsförbundet) with associated insurance (currently SEK 3,500).

If you buy new equipment from the USA where most manufacturers are located (there are also manufacturers in e.g. France, South Africa, Russia and New Zealand) it costs about SEK 50,000-60,000 depending on what you choose and what the current USD currency rate is.


However, it is most common that you, as your first own equipment, buy a used one from another jumper. Then you usually end up with about SEK 15,000-30,000 depending on age, wear and number of jumps made with it. All equipment, new and old, is inspected at least once a year by special inspectors to make sure it is safe to jump with. Uffes Hopp Shop sells everything a skydiver needs and also has ads on used equipment.

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